Cleanroom Training


AAC working together with profi-con who runs, in partnership with the CleanroomAcademy, training courses, seminars and workshops covering all aspects of cleanroom technology.

Our training packages include:

In-house training

In co-operation with our cleanroom experts, who are all experienced practitioners within the industry, we are able to design training courses that are specifically tailored to your company's needs. Your staff are trained on-site at your organisation.


Our coaching sessions serve as targeted and practical support in the training of your employees. If you give us your company's objective for why you want to run the training, we can put together a customised coaching package to suit your requirements.

"Cleanroom conduct" - One-day training courses

At our centres in Leipzig and Aschaffenburg, as well as in Austria and Switzerland, we run one-day training courses several times a year on correct cleanroom conduct. The course covers such topics as the basic principles of cleanroom technology, factors affecting cleanliness, conduct and awareness training as well as the clothing procedure for cleanrooms. If you choose the additional module of "One-Day Training PLUS", you will also receive practice-led training in our training centre.

Technical Seminars

Throughout the year we offer a large number of seminars on various topics related to cleanroom technology. These include such topics as "Professional cleaning for cleanrooms", "Cleanroom clothing", "GMP-compliant line operation" or "Purification of cytostatic areas."